I am a Swiss painter and writer living in the south of France. In summer 2000 I visited Mongolia and, of course, Ulaanbaatar.

Have a look at my paintings in which I express my admiration and love for this marvelous country and for the absolutely unique city of Ulaanbaatar.


I visited the National Art Museum, the Modern Art Gallery and the Exhibition Hall of the Union of Mongolian Artists. I am very much impressed by the vigour, the originality and the beauty of the Mongolian paintings, sculptures and wood carvings. But I also love very much the small pictures of the unknown aquarellists which I found in the art-shops all over the country. These aquarellists have a remarkable high standard, technically and artistcally.

The painter I like most of all is Tsegmid Tserennadmid

Some more of my pictures, partly inspired by prehistorical rock engravings of Mongolia, Tuwa and Sahara, are displayed below. . .

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All paintings by GABI ROHR
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